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Marley Beard

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Providing services for the legal community as well as legal document preparation and procedural guidance for the public in matters where there are no questions of law. See: Disclosure.

Cautela Corporation has been providing legal document preparation and paralegal services since 1989. This website provides in-take sheets and checklists for law offices as well as procedural information and reference sources for clients and lay persons who are representing themselves.

The principal of Cautela Corporation, Marley Beard, is licensed as a legal document preparer by the Arizona Supreme Court of Arizona; she is also a certified legal assistant through the National Association of Legal Assistants and a licensed investigator in the State of Arizona. With more than thirty years of experience in the legal field, Ms. Beard has a broad knowledge of legal procedure and a specific focus in the areas of probate, conservatorship, guardianship, wills, trusts, real estate and business entities such as corporations and limited liability companies.
The Professional Form Library is an interactive on-line service that allows you to prepare and print certain deeds and power of attorney forms on your own including: beneficiary deeds, quit claim deeds, joint tenancy deeds, disclaimer deeds, a healthcare power of attorney, financial power of attorney and living will. Cautela Corporation also provides document preparation for the lay person and paralegal services for individuals who wish to represent themselves, known as a Pro Per or Pro Se. Some court proceedings require a hearing and other proceedings do not. A paralegal cannot attend a court hearing with a client who is acting in a Pro Per capacity. The courts expect persons representing themselves to have a sufficient understanding of the legal process in which they are engaged and that they will comply with statutory requirements. Procedural instruction and guidance is provided to familiarize an individual with a variety of court processes. Persons who wish to represent themselves should feel comfortable acting on their own behalf or should employ an attorney to represent them. Cautela Corporation provides a wide range of paralegal services, and is glad to provide attorney referrals. Please call or email for additional information.


The Professional Form Library:

Interactive Legal Document Preparation

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The information and material addressed in this website is specific to Pima County, Arizona. Although much of the material will apply throughout Arizona, many counties have local requirements which vary in documentation content, size, filing fees and the like. Other states have their own unique laws and statutory procedures. While many states have adopted uniform statutes which make their statutory procedures similar to each other, most states make modifications to these uniform codes, and still other states operate under statutory procedures which diverge completely from uniform codes. If you are utilizing the court information or material presented on this website outside of Pima County, Arizona, please be sure to verify, through other resources, that it will accomplish your intended purpose.

Information and Checklists

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Attorney Referrals

Adult Conservatorship
Adult Guardianship
Adult Guardianship & Conservatorship

Incorporation of For Profit Corporation
Limited Liability Company (LLC)


Minor Conservatorship
Minor Guardianship
Minor Guardianship & Conservatorship

Personal Estate Information
Probate Proceedings

Voter Registration and Information

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